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Church Life. With all of the success of sites like Christian Mingle, eHarmony. The site is ifbonly. Indeed, for every time that a participant has read a version other than the KJV, they are suspended for one month from ifbonly. In love, of course. The second courting session is held on a Saturday where they will go soul winning with the pastor. For the final courting session, the couple is assigned a bus that they are responsible for filling up and bringing to church. If a couple is able to fill the bus, then they will be engaged in front of the church during the invitation.

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Resources by Fundamental Baptist Information Service In an article entitled “​Southern Baptists; an Unregenerate Denomination”, Date November 1,

If you are unfamiliar with the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist IFB church movement, please read the following posts:. The Official Independent Baptist Rulebook. An Independent Baptist Hate List. How to Start an Independent Baptist Church. However, these four articles of the IFB faith pale in comparison to the one thing valued above all others: the virginity of teen girls and never-married women. Valued above Jesus?

Yes, even above Jesus. Intact hymens are the holy grail of the IFB church movement. This fact is best illustrated by a dating couple who came to an IFB pastor and asked if they only had butt sex would that mean the woman was still a virgin? The pastor, of course, told them that anal sex was the same as vaginal sex. But why would this question even be asked?

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Your health and well-being are paramount to our Pastor and the staff at EBC during this time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this request. We look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday mornings at

Former members of independent fundamental Baptist churches describe a culture and teachings that impact the “I started dating a boy at

Independent Baptist churches some also called Independent Fundamental Baptist , Independent Fundamentalist Baptist or IFB are Christian congregations, generally holding to conservative primarily fundamentalist Baptist beliefs. The term independent refers to the doctrinal position of church autonomy and a refusal to join any affiliated Baptist denomination, convention or hierarchical structure.

The modern Independent Baptist tradition began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among local denominational Baptist congregations whose members were concerned about the advancement of modernism and liberalism into national Baptist denominations and conventions in the United States and the United Kingdom. In response to the concerns, some local Baptist churches separated en masse from their former denominations and conventions and reestablished the congregations as Independent Baptist churches.

In other cases, the more conservative members of existing churches withdrew from their local congregations and set about establishing new Independent Baptist churches. Members of Independent Baptist churches comprised two and a half percent of the United States adult population, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. You may improve this article , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Christian protestant denomination. Further information: Baptists. BJU Press. Religious Landscape Study.

The Official Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Rulebook

Member Login: Username: Password: forgot password? Am I the only one here, I feel well off? I am ministry minded, called to preach, graduating Bible college in a few months, have a church lined up to work at, it appears like. King James only but I am not dogmatic about it.

An independent Baptist church in the northern suburbs of Detroit. You’ll find RHBC to have a friendly Wednesday 7pm – Midweek Service 7pm – Teen Service.

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BNG covers the people, events and ideas that are shaping American culture and Baptist life. We do so from a perspective that is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in spirit. His biblical vision has led the church to become one of the most dynamic independent Baptist churches in the nation. Albert Mohler Jr. This blog is about Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective.

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Explore this cemetery for graves, information and tombstones for names in Pleasant Pines Independent Baptist Church Cemetery in Gaston, South Carolina,​.

If you are transferring into our area, visiting from out of town, or just looking for a great place to worship, please let us take this opportunity to invite you to visit Saxton Independent Baptist Church. God is good and we would be nothing without Him! As His servants, we are anxiously awaiting the return of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, while continuing to work His fields and add to His kingdom..

Sunday School am. May Spring Revival. Nov Camp Meeting. These are the latest stories, updated as they occur in order to keep readers informed and up to date on breaking news. Saxton Independent Baptist Church. Williamsburg, KY Pastor Mike Gray. Get In Touch.

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Thank you for visiting us online. Harvest Baptist Church is located at. In this page, you will find the lessons he presented during the spring and summer of at Harvest Baptist Church. Visitation with the family will begin at 5PM. Join us at Harvest this Sunday evening June 7th at pm as the Wagners give us an update on their ministry and Joel brings the Word. Dear church family, Thank you so much for your patience, flexibility, and faithfulness during the past two months as we have been streaming services instead of meeting in person.

The purpose of Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails (aka ifbmt) is to The pastor on the other end of the phone suggests a date and Mark frantically Our service web application can be viewed on any web-capable device.

Tabernacle Baptist Church is a caring and loving international ministry. We serve many nationalities and backgrounds with a desire to help from a Biblical approach. Orlando has grown tremendously in the past fifty years of Tabernacle’s life and we continue to reach out to others. Our prayer is that not one soul the Lord places in our path will be untouched. Heritage Preparatory School was founded in to provide spiritual and academic training for students in all of Central Florida.

Reposing our faith wholly in the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation, and trusting only in the enabling power of the Holy Spirit for guidance Thank you for visiting our site. As the Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist, I would like to cordially invite you to visit one of our upcoming Sunday services. I am confident that you will receive a blessing by our warm and friendly atmosphere. We are here to serve and help you in any way we can. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

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This church is a Baptist church by conviction and principle, not by affiliation with a denomination. This means that we believe the basic Bible teachings for which Baptists have historically stood. As Baptists, we believe the following: the Bible is our sole authority for all matters of faith and practice. The church should be autonomous or self-governing.

The believer does not need a priest, other than Jesus Christ, to come boldly to God. Every Christian has equal access to God personally. Each person is individually responsible for his decision to accept Christ. The separation of church and state is biblical. The believer is eternally secure and cannot lose salvation. There are two biblical offices in the church: pastors and deacons.

As an independent Baptist church, we are not affiliated with any particular Baptist denomination or ruling body. Because of this we can support our own missionaries, select our own leaders, and support institutions that believe as we believe.

Liberty Independent Baptist Church, DeLand

Please be advised that this rulebook is subject to change at the whim of the pastor. He is the man of God who speaks for God. He alone is allowed to change his mind. This means that God changed his mind, yes? Bruce Gerencser, 63, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 42 years.

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There are some 50 million Baptists in the U. Here are 10 things to know about Baptists and their beliefs. The first is that Baptists grew from within the English Separatist movement, where in the 16 th th centuries, Protestant Christians separated from the Church of England. This is the most accepted view and the earliest Baptist church is considered a church in Amsterdam. The second opinion holds that Baptists originated from English Separatism and was greatly influenced and formed out of Anabaptists, or Dutch Mennonites.

The third and fourth opinions say that the Baptist church has existed in some form since Christ and John the Baptist. In America, a former member of the Church of England, Roger Williams, separated from officials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony over his belief on church functions. In , he founded the first Baptist church in America in uncolonized Rhode Island. Estimates say there were some churches and 60, Baptist in the states.

Historians say that the Baptist belief in religious freedom was a significant influence on the forming of the First Amendment of the Constitution. As of , the group was made up of more than 15 million members. Southern Baptists who split with northern Baptists founded the Convention in in Georgia over the issue of slavery.

How Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Churches Deal with Unwed Mothers

Question: “Who are the Independent Baptists, and what do they believe? Contemporary Independent Baptists believe in strict separation from the world and any church not associated with the Independent Baptist name. Independent Baptists interpret Scripture literally. They are conservative in their dress: most women still dress in below-knee-length skirts, and the men wear collared shirts.

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