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MXR Dyna Comp

Made since the s, the MXR Dyna Comp, which adds its own coloring to the tone, has become a frequently copied and widely used guitar effect , even a standard. The unit produces a dynamic range compression effect. It has two controls: “Output” controls the output level, and “Sensitivity” determines the amount of compression.

The compression effect helps to smooth out differences in volume between notes, [2] such as in quick runs played by chicken picking. The effect can be used by bass players as well. The MXR Dyna Comp is not considered tone-neutral; that is, it adds its specific coloring to the sound, [5] which is appreciated by many users.

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How to determine age of MXR dyna comp

Order by:. Available to:. Up for sale. The pedal is in good overall cosmetic condition, with a few expected nicks and dings around the edges of the enclosure, but no serious wear. The original CTS pots are intact and the circuit is untouched! Please contact us before bidding or buying for an international shipping quote.

The compressor stompbox that was used looks to have been a MXR Dyna-Comp judging from the Echoplex Compressor board schematic because “Maestro Echoplex” logo dating Ed’s EP-3’s to late /early EP-3’s.

A meticulous re-creation of the benchmark compressor. Features A meticulous re-creation of the benchmark compressor. In the quest for ultimate tone, a compressor is an indispensable ally. And the MXR Dyna Comp that was produced in has long been regarded as the ultimate stomp box compressor. From country twangers to metal monsters, guitarists have long relied on the MXR Dyna Comp to make their riffs stand tall in any live or studio mix.

Meticulously researched and superbly crafted, it features the exact same circuitry used in the original Dyna Comp, identical in its component layout, silkscreen and handmade wire harness. So get yours now. Dunlop did a very good job with the reissue- I cracked up when I saw the pots have the original manufacturing date codes on them from , but then followed by another date code to avoid forgeries. Very nice touch! The stock bypass tone is not bad, almost no measurable resistance or capacitance when OFF or audible change in tone.

But we will offer true bypass for people who really want it. An added power jack is cheaper if you get the true bypass mod as that will cover the labor for both.

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MXR Dyna Comp Script BUD Box Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal – Dynacomp They even went so far as to stamp the pots with date codes(they also.

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MXR Dyna Comp Vintage

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Dating Mxr Pots 6 – No, not that sort of date! My friends got a mustard. Posted May 6, The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal, so this pedal is not very valuable even if someone could get it working, as the date codes and pots are gone. See my FAQ for date code decoding info. I have also seen these “NOS” pedals turn up with pots with the last digits as which means 18th week.

We need to see the board and pots to tell you anything about it. In one embodiment, the musical distortion circuits of the present. There are two sets of numbers on the back of the Potentiometer, Pot. Large selection of parts and electronic components for guitars, amplifiers, synthesizers and tube and solid state hi-fi, quick shipping, expert technical advice.

Best Sellers Rank. Date first listed on Amazon, December 20, In between I. Date your pots!

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The MXR Micro Amp is designed to be a transparent clean volume booster; it does not color or modify the guitar tone. The circuit is, in fact, an un-distorted redesign.

In the world of compressors, there are two schools of thought. One ideal holds that compressors should subtle, ninja-like, there but not there. The other ideal holds that compressors are only worth their salt if they add some real texture of their own, building in a flavor that somehow does more than just rein in the peaks and valleys of the EQ. Released in , the Dyna Comp was one of the first compressors on the market.

One of the issues with the Dyna Comp is that it’s not transparent. Vintage units with both knobs cranked can produce a sucking hiss through your rig. Strum a chord or play a run and you’re not just getting an adjusted attack and decay, but an entirely different tone than what your guitar and amp would normally produce. This is both the Dyna Comp’s strength and its Achille’s heel.

For players seeking to replicate the sound of classic Nashville recordings where a Dyna Comp was used, there is no question. Use the Dyna Comp.

MXR Dyna Comp Demo – Andor Osztrogonac