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Log in. Sign up. Teen titans go! What’s beast boy to you? Raven is the best if i had to choose. I love that show! Robin is soooo cute! Cyborg is my cousin.

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The Titans premiere did a good job of introducing us to Robin, Raven, and Starfire, but what I love about this second episode is that it widens up the scope of the world. The opening scene introduces us to this red-and-blue dynamic duo. We meet Hawk with his arms chained to a ceiling, being tortured by arms dealers. She lets Castration Man get away, though.

Who needs the Caped Crusader when you’ve got a team of capable young superheroes like Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy? Surely.

Warner Bros. Television has released a first look at Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, a. Robin, in DC’s upcoming Titans show. Titans will feature Robin as the leader of a team of young heroes hailing from all corners of the DC universe — they’ll have to deal with fighting crime, while also handling the trials of growing up.

There have been numerous comics and TV shows that have followed the Titans in their various iterations, but now they’re getting their own live-action show on DC’s yet-to-be-named streaming service, which will launch some time next year, executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Akiva Goldsman and DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Robin’s new look appears to be a combination of his costume in the Arkham video games and the old-school animated Teen Titans version of the character — including his signature bo staff.

Still, the top-half-only photo leaves us with some questions. Is this Robin wearing pants, shorts, or the infamous tights? More importantly, how will Dick Grayson’s famous butt look in them?

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Well, hello. My name is Sora, the female component of the Sora-Mizu Duo. This is my first story I’ve ever posted.

Raven needs a model to sketch, so she asks Robin to do it. But what feelings will appear on the page of Raven’s sketch book? Will Robin remove his mask to let.

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Pretty often. All the time. Beast Boy. Gorilla Grodd.

This Trailer For DC’s ‘Titans’ Shows The Teen Titans Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Together she was angry, lost, and alone on Earth. Despite the passion of their early attraction, Robin and Starfire’s relationship cooled after a titans in the comics. After Raven interrupted their attempted wedding, Starfire took stock of where they were as a titans and felt it wasn’t get out.

Robin and raven dating – Top 10 online dating websites. Legal Ownership. You’​re probably doing it for the wrong reasons and it won’t end well. That’s exactly.

See the gallery. Robin gets up the courage to ask Starfire on a date, only to find that she has already agreed to go out with Speedy, Robin’s arch-rival Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

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Robin-x-Raven-Love Robin x Raven. View Badges! BluesBar BluesBar.

Jan 6, – Modern Beast Boy and Raven as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. strange and awkward Teen Titans Love, Teen Titans Fanart, Teen Titans Robin, Teen alternatively titled “double date dump”, because anytime I doodle teen titans its.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Love of Two Birds. Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: The top of the line stories of the Robin and Raven ship. They don’t get any better than this. Also some Raven tributes because she’s the best.

We’re a group for fans of the Teen Titans pairing Robin/Raven. We’re a group for fans of the Teen Titans pairing Robin/Raven. More. Group Founded 10 Years.

As the moonlight crept into the Titans tower , the Titans very own half demon was sitting silently on the couch. She has been having nightmare. The same dreadful nightmare keeps attacking her dreams. Everytime she closes her eyes she can see it vividly. A young girl taken by a cult ,being sacrificed so evil could rise and devour the souls of the innocent. Trigon rising demolishing every beauty and light in their world. Until a voice pulled her out of that horrible memory.

I could see it in your eyes. Nightwing sat next to her and held her tight.

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Also, I probably won’t reference the comic book in here [if I do, yell at me], since I consider the comics and the show two very different things. I also would like to apologize for the placement of these pictures Teen Titans “When there’s trouble, you know who to call…”. I can’t remember back to when the first episode aired, but when I started watching Teen Titans, I couldn’t stop.

Known as the Teen Titans in DC Comics canon, the team’s notable members have included Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg — freshly.

Raven is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She is a prominent member of the superhero team Teen Titans. The character also goes by the alias Rachel Roth as a false civilian name. Raven has appeared in numerous cartoon television shows and films, including as one of the Teen Titans in Cartoon Network ‘s eponymous series , voiced by Tara Strong , and in the DC Animated Movie Universe , voiced by Taissa Farmiga.

Raven initially approached the Justice League for help, but they refused her on the advice of Zatanna , who sensed her demonic parentage. Trigon soon took Raven to his home dimension. The Titans defeated Trigon and sealed him in an interdimensional prison with the help of Arella, who stayed at the interdimensional door as Trigon’s Guardian. For a period of time, Raven lost control several times in stressful situations, but managed to regain control before Trigon could assert himself.

Eventually, Trigon escaped his prison and destroyed Azarath, came to Earth, and took control of Raven. The Titans were manipulated to kill Raven, thereby allowing the souls of Azarath contained inside the ring of Azar to possess her and use her as a channel to kill Trigon. After this battle, Raven rose from the ashes, cleansed of Trigon’s evil, and vanished.

After Raven’s disappearance, Arella went around the world in search of Raven.

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